Virtual Race Event Plan

Welcome to the Stilton Stumble 2020 Virtual Race. Here are all the details you need.

Run or walk 10k between 18th July and 11th October 2020 to claim your medal (or 2k for 9 years and under, 5k for 10-14 years)

You will be able to enter until midnight on Saturday 10th October and the deadline for you to complete your event will be 12 noon on Sunday 11th October – the day the race would have taken place.

Your event needs to be completed in one go but you can do it at your own pace, outdoors or on a treadmill. If outdoors, you must comply with the government guidelines regarding social distancing in your location at the time of your event. Please ensure that you will be able to maintain social distancing from others you may meet along the route and be able to give priority to pedestrians and people using public spaces. You may want to consider which times of the day are the quietest along your planned route.

When planning your route, as well as the social distancing considerations, some points you may wish to consider are the terrain, the elevation, the level of traffic on any sections of road and whether there may be any access restrictions. Always run on the side of the road towards oncoming traffic. It is advisable to wear brightly coloured clothing or running lights so that you can easily be seen, and not to wear headphones so that you can hear approaching traffic.

In the interests of your own safety, please inform someone when you are going to complete your run/walk and what route you will be taking, then inform them also of your return. It is recommended that you take with you details of who to contact in case of an emergency, with your details and including any relevant health details for yourself. Also take a means of contacting someone in case of accident or injury. In case of a major incident, please could you inform us at a convenient time by emailing us at

We will be compiling a results list of participants and their times. If you wish to be included, when you have completed your event, submit your proof to us – a photo of your running app, Garmin, running device, screen on the treadmill etc. via the website before the deadline of 12 noon on 11th October. Feel free to send us any photos too to put on the website! The results will be published on our website after the event closure, on Sunday 11th October. Please note that actual race performances will not be uploaded to athlete profiles or used for any rankings/handicap scoring purposes.

Your medal will be posted out to you following your event. We will post out medals in 3 batches – early September, at the end of September and following the event closure. If you don’t wish to send us any details after your event, that’s no problem – we will post your medal out in the last batch, after event closure.

Many thanks from the Stilton Stumble committee for supporting our virtual race and from our 2 charitable causes – Cropwell Bishop Friends of the School and the 1st Cropwell Bishop Scout Group.