New for 2017!10kicon

For a variety of reasons, we have decided to focus this year on just the 10k but allow up to 500 runners.

We have listened to feedback; both from runners and volunteers, and this year offer:

  • Professional BibTag Timing from FR Systems, giving
    * Accurate timing from crossing the start and finish lines
    * Times posted online shortly after the end of the race
    * Digital clock at finish, will show gun time.

These additional features have resulted in a slight cost increase, but we still feel it is great value for money for a local 10k…

£16 affiliated runners
£18 non-affiliated runners

…. and every runner still gets some great local cheese! Oh yes!


Looking ahead to 2018!
We are considering hosting a half-marathon - could we get away with calling this the "Stilton Half"?? based on 2+ laps of the 10k circuit.

We hope this will be a suitable replacement for the 24k - watch this space!