On the day information


The following facilities are available at the Memorial Hall where the races start and finish:

  • Free parking, but please car share where possible
  • Free tea & coffee for runners before and after the races
  • A manned baggage area
  • A range of refreshments available for all (including bacon butties)
  • The approximate locations of the water stations are:
    • 10k event – around the 5k mark


The event car park will be open from 08:30am, please do not try to arrive prior to this time. We have adequate parking space for over 300 cars at the event site and would appreciate runners sharing lifts where possible.

The car park is located at the Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall and will be signposted. You will be directed to a space by a marshal. Please do not park on the main road leading to or from the Memorial Hall as this could hinder emergency vehicles in the event of an accident.


For those that have registered by 3rd October, your race fulfilment packs will be posted out to you.

If you register after 3rd October you will need to collect on the day, at our registration desk in the main hall which will be open from 08.45am to 09.45am.  Registration will be alphabetically by surname. Registration will close 15 minutes before the start of the event. Please ensure you have picked up your race number by this time.

Your race number contains important safety information on the reverse, please ensure this information is completed prior to pinning your number to your vest.

Please bring safety pins and ensure your race number is securely fastened to the front of your shirt/vest and is visible at all times during the race.


We have a manned bagging area for your personal items.  You can collect a baggage tag from the bag storage desk. Please write your race number clearly on the baggage tag and ensure this tag is securely fixed to your bag before storage.  Your bag will only be returned to you after the event on verification against your race number.


The 10k race will start at 10.00am, if numbers are high then we may split the start into 2 groups based on predicted times, but as we are chip timing you will get an accurate time whichever group you are in.

A safety briefing will be given at 09.50am and all runners will be called forward to congregate at the side of the Memorial Hall to receive this. The runners will then be called to the start line on the main road by event staff one minute before the race starts. Do not venture onto the road before this time.


Upon crossing the finish line, please clear the area quickly to allow other runners space to complete the race. Goody bags, water and juice will be handed out after you cross the finish line.


Your safety is our priority, so please take note of this advice:

  • The route uses minor country roads and is marshalled, but will be open to normal traffic. Please be vigilant.
  • Please run on the left hand side of the road and be aware of parked cars, uneven surfaces and rutted roads.
  • Obey the marshals at all times, they are there for your safety.
  • Please do not wear headphones so you can hear instructions given by the marshals who may be required to stop you for safety reasons.
  • A support vehicle will follow the rear of the race.
  • First aid is available, please indicate your problem to the nearest marshal.


Please note that the 10k route has been certified by UK Athletics.


If inclement weather is forecast for the day, we will erect several large tents to provide additional shelter for runners.


There is a water station located at approximately 5km along the race course.  The station will provide you with water in disposable cups. Waste bins will be located approximately 150 metres after the station for you to dispose of your cup. Please do not dispose of your cup along the route. If you wish to carry your cup for a greater distance we would appreciate you then placing the cups beside one of the distance markers or safety signs which can be picked up later by event staff.

Water and juice will also be available at the end of the race.

Our kitchen area will be serving bacon butties, snacks and hot and cold drinks for you to purchase before or after the event.  All competitors will be offered free tea, coffee, water, juice or hot chocolate after the event on production of your race number.


If anyone has a disability of which they need to inform the event staff, please do so prior to arrival by email.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions page before you participate in the race. We aim to make your race experience as efficient and rewarding as possible. Please support us by following the instructions of event staff and volunteers. We look forward to seeing you on race day and hope the weather is crisp and clear!